Silkscreen printing is a process in which the paint is applied directly to the surface of the bottle. Most projects need to be implemented in three main phases. At the first stage, a separate stencil is created for each color and image, through which the paint will be applied.
At the second stage the paint for printing on ceramics or glass enamel, organic ink or precious metals are transferred through a stencil to the bottle. At the third stage the bottle moves along the conveyor belt to the firing ler with temperature control, where the paint flows into the glass. The process of paint drying can varies depending on the paint composition or the material of the bottle. Infrared or ultraviolet light can be used sometimes. Our four -, six - and eight-color automatic screen printing machines allow to print up to 360°, with an accuracy of 1/10 mm. It is the most modern equipment in the industry which provides the best colorful decoration at the lowest production costs.

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